World Yoga Day celebrated by the G.B.College family on 22.06.2019 in the college campus.
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Form fill up for part 1 and part 2 in G.B.College Naugachia is going on. The last date for this is 25 th February,2019( without late fine) and 10 th march ( with late fine)
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Swami Vivekanand Jayanti has been celebrated by the NSS of G.B.College Naugachia.
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चीन,जापान,नेपाल व थाईलेंड के वैज्ञानिक आज देंगे व्यख्यान |
Uploading Date :29/12/2018
इस सेमिनार में भागलेने थाईलेंड, चीन, टेक्सास के वैज्ञानिक आये हुए है |
Uploading Date :28/12/2018
संयोजक अशोक कुमार झा द्वारा लिखित आचार्य पीसी रे के जीवन पर आधारित पुस्तक का लोकार्पण किया गया|
Uploading Date :28/12/2018
सेमिनार में कुलपति प्रो० ऐ० के० राय (VC, B.N.M.U., Madhepura) ने सोसाइटी के जर्नल के दिसंबर अंक का लोकार्पण किया|
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55th Annual Convention of Chemists 2018 is going on.
Uploading Date :28/12/2018
55th Annual Convention of Chemists 2018, the yearly event of the Indian Chemical Society, is being organized on December 28–30 by the Department of Chemistry, G. B. College, Naugachia (T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur).
Uploading Date :17/12/2018
Organizing Secretary : Dr. Usha Sharma Head, Department of Chemistry G. B. College Naugachia, Bihar
Uploading Date :17/12/2018
Director : Professor Ashok Kumar Sinha Principal, G. B. College Naugachia, Bihar
Uploading Date :17/12/2018
Convener : Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha University Department of Chemistry T. M. Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur, Bihar.
Uploading Date :17/12/2018
Dr. Sheo Satya Prakash,Vice-President(Indian Chemical Society),Dr. Raj Kamal Sahu (University Department of Chemistry T. M. Bhagalpur), Professor Bindeshwari Singh (Head, Department of Chemistry, M. A. M. College Naugachia,Bihar), Professor (Dr.) Shiv Shankar Mandal.
Uploading Date :17/12/2018
LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 2018: Members: Dr. Dilip Kumar Das, Dr. Shivashwar Jha,Dr. Parthsarthi Das(IIT Dhanbad,Jharkhand), Dr. Divya Priyadarshi, Dr. Rajendra Singh, Dr. Firoze Ahmad.
Uploading Date :17/12/2018
LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 2018: Chief Patron:Professor Nalinikant Jha(Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor T. M. Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur, Bihar).
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Department Of Chemistry,G.B.College Naugachia,National Seminar 24th-25th January-2017
Uploading Date :23.01.2017
Principal Prof Dr.Janardan Sharma Mob.-9430456734 Organising Secretary/ Convenor Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha Deptt. Of Chemistry G. B. College, Naugachia Mob.- 9431871405.
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Department Of Chemistry,G.B.College Naugachia,National Seminar 22-23 September-2015
Uploading Date :17/07/2015
UGC Sponsored National Seminar On Chemistry for sustainable development. Date :22-23 September-2015.
Uploading Date :17/07/2015

Department Of Chemistry, G.B.College Naugachia, National Seminar, 22-23 September-2015. New

Image Sl.No. Name of Non-Teaching Date of  Birth Date of  Joining
image 1. Md.Nijamuddin 02-10-1955 15-09-1981
image 2. Sri Shankar Mandal 02-01-1973 09-02-1959
image 3. Md.Rizwan Ali 21-10-1969 30-07-2001
image 4. Sri Shekhar Kumar 24-02-1979 14-05-2003
image 5. Sri Akshay Kumar Dutta 09-02-1959 02-03-1982
image 6. Sri Pradeep Kumar Mandal 05-03-1968 19-05-1993
image 7. Sri Subodh Jha 01-07-1961 17-03-1986
image 8. Sri Naresh Poddar 07-03-1958 10-09-1978
image 9. Sri Diwakar Thakur 05-11-1965 29-01-1986
image 10. Sri Bhagwaan Yadav 01-01-1958 01-09-1978
image 11. Sri Ram Raksha Choudhary 01-12-1964 01-09-1971
image 12. Sri Upendra Yadav 06-08-1963 14-08-1981
image 13. Sri Ashok Kumar Yadav 15-02-1960 14-08-1981
image 14. Sri Gulo Harijan 30-08-1969 01-09-1958
image 15. Sri Kailash Yadav (Hostal) 01-01-1959  
image 16. Sri Akilesh Poddar 05-02-1983 03-11-2001
image 17. Smt. Chanda Kumari 31-12-1982 30-07-2001
image 18. Sri Manoj Kumar Singh 01-01-1980  
image 19. Sri Jaylash Singh(Hostal) 15-07-1959 29-11-1980
image 20. Sri P.K. Ranjan (Hostal) 02-01-1962 29-11-1980
image 21. Sri Bishudev Tatma(Hostal) 15-11-1956 29-11-1980
image 22. Sri Subodh Kumar Das 31-07-1968 11-07-1987
image 23. Sri Bharat Thakur 25-10-1963 05-05-1984
image 24. Md. Abdul Rajjak 15-05-1965  
image 25. Sri Ashok Kumar Thakur 05-01-1963  
image 26. Sri Narayan Thakur 26-03-1961  
image 27. Sri Santosh Harijan 17-07-1989


image 28. Sri Suman Kumar 01-11-1987