Department Of Chemistry,G.B.College Naugachia,National Seminar 24th-25th January-2017
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Principal Prof Dr.Janardan Sharma Mob.-9430456734 Organising Secretary/ Convenor Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha Deptt. Of Chemistry G. B. College, Naugachia Mob.- 9431871405.
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UGC Sponsored National Seminar On Chemistry for sustainable development. Date :22-23 September-2015.
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Department Of Chemistry,G.B.College Naugachia,National Seminar 22-23 September-2015
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Department Of Chemistry, G.B.College Naugachia, National Seminar, 22-23 September-2015. New

 Organization of Seminars :--->
I. Organization National Symposium on a “potable water to rural population” Including Flood Affected a challenge to chemists” 4-6 July 2008. Sponsored    by UGC, BCST and NABARD.  
II. Organized National Conference on “Recent Advances In Chemical Science – Application for the Rural Population”. :1921 Feb 2011.  
III. Organized National Seminar On “The problem of Fluoride, Arsenic And Heavy Metal In Drinking Water In The Ganga Plain”21-22 Sep.2010. Sponsored     by  CSIR, BCST and NABARD.  
IV. Organized National Seminar On “New Routes and Challenges Of Chemical Science”21-22 Sept.2011. Sponsored by CSIR and BCST.  
V. Two Invited Lecture In National Seminar.  
VI. Invited as the Judge of the state science Exhibition of Arunachal Pradesh dated 29/6/11.  
VII. Research Project of UGC on the Study of Bentonite Minerals for Cation Exchange Capacity as Principal Investigator – Completed in 2011.  
VIII. Edited book on
       a) Potable Water to the Rural Population……..2008
       b) Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences…………2011
       c) Problem of Fluoride, Arsenic and heavy metal contamination in drinking water.
       d) A modern approach to water pollution.  
Ashok Kumar Jha
Associate Prof. in Chemistry
G.B. College, Naugachia